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June 08, 2012

The Timeless Perfection of Pearls

Whether it's your grandmother’s heirloom necklace or a simple pair of studs that matches any outfit, pearls are the perfect accent for every woman's wardrobe. It's no wonder - pearls have been touted as the symbol of perfection. The pearl is the oldest known gem. In fact, traces of the oldest pearl jewelry date back to 520 BC, found in the sarcophagus of a Persian princess currently displayed in the Louvre in Paris. Royalty or not, pearls are fitting for anyone!

Pearl in Latin directly translates as “unique”, and rightfully so, as no two pearls are identical. The creation of a pearl is truly an extraordinary event. Unlike gemstones or other precious metals which are derived from mines, pearls are produced by shelled mollusks, like oysters and clams. Worldly gems must be cut, polished and perfected, but pearls are refined by their makers and require no treatment to establish their beauty.

Adopt this truly timeless trend or find something for the “one-of-a-kind” lady in your life with these uniquely beautiful pieces all available at Zales.


  1. Honora 7.0 - 7.5.0mm Cultured Freshwater Pearl Strand Necklace
  2. Cultured Freshwater Pearl and White Topaz Four Piece Stack Ring in Sterling Silver
  3. Honora 8.0 - 9.0mm Peacock Baroque Cultured Freshwater Pearl Strand Necklace
  4. 8.0mm Cultured Freshwater Pearl and 1/10 CT. T.W. Diamond Flower Drop Earrings in Sterling Silver
  5. Honora 7.0 - 8.0mm Multi-Color Baroque Cultured Freshwater Pearl Stretch Bracelet Set
  6. 5.0mm Cultured Freshwater Pearl and Diamond Accent Ring in 10K White Gold
  7. 8.5mm Cultured Freshwater Pearl and 1/10 CT. T.W. Diamond Vintage Drop Pendant in Sterling Silver


May 18, 2012

Graduation Celebration!

 Graduation is a milestone that deserves major recognition. A class ring is the ideal way to showcase the years of dedication and commitment. What better way to express yourself than by designing your own? Zales not only has a multitude of styles to choose from; it really is your one stop shop for the most fashion-forward looks. Not sure where to start? First, determine your style. Zales offers looks that range from traditional to trendy, masculine to dainty.

Ring Collage

  1. Sterling Silver Pear-Cut Birthstone Class Ring
  2. Men's Siladium® Elite Class Ring by ArtCarved®
  3. 18K Gold Plate Birthstone Heart Class Ring

Next, figure out your stone. Traditionally, you can go with your birthstone (we’ve got them all!), or select a stone color that reflects your personality.

Class ringNow, let’s brag about your accomplishments. Many class rings give you the option to select an activity or organization that you identified with throughout your time at school. Artist? Musician? Athlete? Toot your horn by picking an interest that defines you.

The last part is just selecting your metal type and color. The type of metal you select will influence the price of your ring. 

Still at a loss? These stackable class rings are a trendy, yet modern twist to showcase your personal style and accomplishments.

Stackable Rings
Congratulations, Grad! Zales is here to help you celebrate your success! 

May 04, 2012

The Bold, The Beautiful, The Emerald

What's green and glam and a gorgeous look anytime? The traditional birthstone for those born in May is the emerald - a luxurious and elegant gemstone said to sharpen the wit, bring riches and even predict the future!

We can't attest to any of those things, but we can tell you that emeralds are an elegant look, perfect no matter what month you were born! And at Zales, you're certain to find unique and captivating emerald looks for any occasion.

Choose an emerald pendant to decorate her neckline. Available in modern, traditional or even whimsical designs, the glittering green emerald makes these pendants true statement pieces.


                   Traditional                                     Modern                                    Whimsical

Emerald earrings are always a thoughtful touch. Choose from hoops, studs or drops, depending on your mood!


                      Hoops                                       Studs                                         Drops

Nothing says "I adore you" quite like an emerald ring. Available in a myriad of styles, an emerald is a unique and personal touch.  Zales carries a large selection of emerald rings including three-stone, vintage-inspired and even bands!


               Three Stone                         Vintage-Inspired                              Band

Surprise your loved one born in May with an exquisite emerald. These inspired emerald creations - and many more - are available at your local Zales or Zales.com.

March 07, 2012

Enchanting Aquamarine: March’s Birthstone

The first signs of spring are here, which means it’s time to trade in winter’s rich, saturated colors in favor of a lighter, brighter look. The icy, ocean-blue of the aquamarine is the perfect way to welcome spring – and luckily for any March birthday girls, it’s also this month’s birthstone!

Aquamarine can range from the palest blue to a pure turquoise. Dying to rock a sunnier shade this spring? No problem – in spite of its name, aquamarine also has a golden variation, showcased perfectly in this show-stopping yellow aquamarine ring.


Whether you’re celebrating your birthday this month, or just looking for an easy way to incorporate a dash of color into your spring wardrobe, here are some of our favorite aquamarine finds.


The crystalline brilliance of aquamarine makes these rings the perfect companion for spring’s nail trends – think feminine, from prettily-shaped neutral nails to classic pink manis.Rings

  1. Cushion-cut aquamarine and white topaz accent ring in sterling silver
  2. Aquamarine and white topaz flower ring in sterling silver
  3. Aquamarine and 1/4 CT. T.W. diamond frame flower ring in white gold


Runway styles this spring included the return of boatneck and one-shoulder tops. A pretty aquamarine pendant is an easy way to dress up these styles. It’s also a natural pairing for the floral patterns saturating the fashion world this spring.


  1. Cushion-cut aquamarine and white topaz framed pendant in sterling silver
  2. Aquamarine pendant in 14K white gold with diamond accents
  3. Square aquamarine birthstone pendant in sterling silver with diamond accents


Retro hairstyles and sleek topknots graced the runways this spring, delivering the perfect opportunity to showcase a pair of sparkling aquamarine earrings. Earrings

  1. 6.0mm lab-created aquamarine and diamond accent frame stud earrings in gold
  2. Cushion-cut aquamarine and lab-created white sapphire stud earrings in white gold
  3. Aquamarine and 1/5 CT. T.W. diamond drop earrings in sterling Silver

You can see these styles (and lots more!) at Zales.com.

February 08, 2012

Celebrate Her Birthday with Vivid, Vibrant, Vivacious Amethyst

Lucky February birthday girl! The passionate purple amethyst is your birthstone!

This dramatic gemstone has an ironic history. Known as the stone of seduction, it's also said to protect the wearer against the powers that seduce! We can't attest to the latter, because we are so captivated by its vibrant colors and attractive variations. (Maybe if we had been wearing our amethysts…)

Amethyst can range in color from palest green to pink to deepest purple. Most amethyst jewelry today utilizes the bright purple stones.  At Zales, we carry a large variety of amethyst jewelry, ranging from sweetly simple to disarmingly charming to sleekly sophisticated and more. You're certain to find a style perfect for your favorite February birthday girl!

Sweetly Simple


Amethyst Love Knot Earrings
in Sterling Silver

Amethyst and Diamond Accent Ring in 10K White Gold

Cushion-Cut Amethyst and White Topaz Pendant in Sterling Silver


Disarmingly Charming


Amethyst and 1/4 CT. T.W.
Diamond Butterfly Earrings
in Sterling Silver

Oval Amethyst and Diamond Accent Flower Ring in Sterling Silver

Amethyst and Diamond Accent Butterfly Pendant in Sterling Silver


Sleekly Sophisticated


Princess-Cut Amethyst Swirl
Stud Earrings in 10K
White Gold

Princess-Cut Amethyst Pendant
in 14K Gold

Emerald-Cut Amethyst Ring in 10K White Gold with Diamond Accents


Find these and other amazing amethyst designs at your local Zales Jewelers store or at Zales.com!

January 06, 2012

Easy Ways To Spice Up Your Winter Wardrobe

If your winter wardrobe is officially in the doldrums (telltale sign: the only colors you’re wearing are black and grey), spice up your look with some garnet jewelry. Garnet, January’s birthstone, is a rich, red color that pairs perfectly with sterling silver or yellow gold. Not sure how to mix garnet in to your look? Here are some easy ways to work it in.

Fighting frizzy, winter hair with a ponytail? Dress it up with these garnet drop earrings. Drop or hoop earrings are a great way to take your ponytail from gym-worthy to pretty and polished.


If you love all things vintage and girly, try these classic garnet earrings, set in yellow gold with diamond accents. Rock them with a tailored sheath or a fitted shirt and full skirt for a Mad Men vibe.




The perfect companion to this season’s dark, vampy nail colors is a dramatic garnet ring. Try it with navy nail polish if you’re feeling bold, but don’t forget to keep your mani short and neat for a modern look. Wear this cocktail ring with your favorite little black dress for a look that’s party-ready.




For an adorable, everyday look, this stackable garnet ring is a must-have. Wear it solo, or pair it with a stackable pearl ring for the perfect duo. Show off these rings with your favorite white button down and jeans for a classic look, or sport them with a basic grey & black winter combo to add a little sparkle to your outfit.


All of the jewelry styles featured in today's post are available at zales.com.

What's your favorite way to add color to your winter wardrobe? Let us know in the comments!

December 07, 2011

This December, Go Ahead and Be Blue!

When it comes to birthstones, the holiday season is a really great to get the blues! Blue topaz, the traditional birthstone for December, is one of the most regal and elegant of gemstones. 
Since ancient times, the blue topaz has been rumored to bring the wearer protection, health and even invisibility! But the blue topaz is go brilliant and majestic, you won't want to hide it away.

7.0mm Blue Topaz Stud Earrings in Sterling SilverFor the December birthday girl, Zales offers a far-reaching assortment of blue topaz gemstone jewelry.  Earrings, for instance run the gamut from simple and subtle stud earrings, to more dramatic dance-the-night-away drops. Whatever her style, you're certain to find a pair she’ll adore. 

Or, share your love for her with a blue topaz ring.  Brilliant cuts, breathtaking colors and thoughtful accent stones are used to create a look that's perfectly her. This charming ring says "I love you" in with a shimmering blue topaz heart and glistening diamonds, while this heart ring breaks the mold with brilliant black and white accents. For the girl who appreciates a more classic look, this vintage-inspired ring is certain to win her heart.

Heart Shaped Blue Topaz Pendantblue topaz birthstone pendant is always a sweet surprise.  From the classic emerald-cut blue topaz drop to the fun and flirty butterfly, to a fashion-forward and trendsetting key pendant, you'll find a look that fits her distinct personality.

Zales is your complete source for elegant and inspiring blue topaz jewelry. Shop these styles at your local Zales store, or find an expanded assortment at Zales.com.


November 03, 2011

Citrine, the Sunshine Gem

Happy birthday, November! Thought to be a bringer of personal clarity and creativity, the golden citrine is also one of the most glamorous. It is also symbolizes friendship, joy and energy – obvious, through its bright disposition.

Cushion cut citrine ring 10kWho wouldn’t be cheered up by seeing the bright color radiating through its pores in this 10K cushion-cut citrine and diamond framed ring? Want a more unique, glowing look? Try this marquise shaped citrine ring on for size. 

Display your sunny personality by donning any one of these heart or Citrine and Diamond Accent Heart Pendant flower pendants. 

Citrine Zig Zag braceletHow about flashing a little bling  on your wrist? Dressing your wrist with these captivating gemstones will surely make a statement.

Want to mix really lay on the glam? These dazzling round drop earrings will add a littl
e sparkle to your day. Set in warm 10K gold over sterling silver, the vibrant faceted gemstone rests within an outline of brilliant diamonds.

The citrine is the perfect gemstone for fall, which translates into the perfect gift! Lucky for you, Zales is offering 15% off its online exclusive citrine assortment this entire month. How’s that for a birthday gift? 


October 05, 2011

Opal, the Multi-Gemstone

For you October birthdays, consider yourself lucky because the opal is the ultimate gemstone. It has been said that there you can spy the wonders of the sky in the opal, and it’s true. Early civilizations believed that the opal was intentionally dropped from the heavens via lightning bolts. Hearing that, you will notice the sparkling rainbow bouncing from this gemstone. From any angle, you can see the lightening glimmer bouncing off the stone.

Oval Lab-Created Opal and Blue Topaz Framed Pendant Opal also plays well with others. Take a look at this opal and blue topaz framed pendant. The topaz enhances the blue hues from the opal.

The white topaz addition to this cushion-cut frame ring gives the opal a whole different look. The setting paired with the gem gives the ring a very romantic and vintage-inspired look, perfect for fall.

For those that want all the attention focused on the opal, Cushion-Cut Lab-Created Opal Three Stone Ring

this three-stone ring with diamond accents is the answer. The iridescent look surrounded by the twinkling diamonds makes this piece an instant showstopper.

Opal’s whimsical nature comes out in this dragonfly pendant. Like the beauty of a magnificent rainbow, the wings glow from the colorful hues of four baroque iridescent lab-created opals. Flying in the warmth of 14K gold, this pendant is brightened by the sparkling beauty of the diamond accents.

Lab-Created Opal Dragonfly Pendant This butterfly pendant also showcases the fanciful personality of the opal. Symbolizing new life and transformation, this sweet butterfly with lustrous lab-created opals and dotted with dazzling diamonds, this pendant shimmers with style.

The opal symbolizes hope and happiness. - What better way to spread these feelings by gifting your October loved ones with this semi-precious gemstone from Zales?


September 27, 2011

This I Promise You

Promise rings are used as a promise of a future marriage, a friendship, a devotion to God, or even a promise to remain abstinent from sex before marriage. Most couples that use promise rings have been together for a short time but are not quite ready to become engaged. Couples that are separated by distance or military deployment often use promise rings to uphold the bond they share. Promise rings are also commonly given to someone to show that they promise to be completely monogamous to their partner. Those who willfully choose sexual abstinence may wear a promise ring or a purPZALE1-6111283t400ity ring to symbolize their declaration. You may even find that friends will still give each other a promise or friendship ring as a promise of the friendship lasting forever.

Whatever reason there may be for giving a promise ring, there are countless choices available to symbolize such a sacred promise.  A simple, modest design with a heart can convey the giver’s promise to love the person to whom it is given. A double heart design symbolizes two hearts coming together as one.PZALE1-6929144t400



For the person or couple that has devoted themselves to sexual purity before marriage, choose a ring inscribed with the perfect message: True Love Waits. A couple promising to save themselves for each other in marriage could have their names engraved on the ring as a public declaration of their vow. Similarly, a ring with a Christian cross demonstrates a devotion to God and a promise to remain devoted. 


PZALE1-4335758t400 Finally, a promise ring can be given as a token of everlasting friendship. Giving a friendship ring to a BFF can help express feelings of deep sentiment, companionship and loyalty. An Irish Claddagh ring features the symbol of love, friendship and loyalty.


A promise ring is a loving token of faithfulness and assurance, no matter if it’s to a future spouse, a best friend, a divine being, or to one’s self.