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September 27, 2011

This I Promise You

Promise rings are used as a promise of a future marriage, a friendship, a devotion to God, or even a promise to remain abstinent from sex before marriage. Most couples that use promise rings have been together for a short time but are not quite ready to become engaged. Couples that are separated by distance or military deployment often use promise rings to uphold the bond they share. Promise rings are also commonly given to someone to show that they promise to be completely monogamous to their partner. Those who willfully choose sexual abstinence may wear a promise ring or a purPZALE1-6111283t400ity ring to symbolize their declaration. You may even find that friends will still give each other a promise or friendship ring as a promise of the friendship lasting forever.

Whatever reason there may be for giving a promise ring, there are countless choices available to symbolize such a sacred promise.  A simple, modest design with a heart can convey the giver’s promise to love the person to whom it is given. A double heart design symbolizes two hearts coming together as one.PZALE1-6929144t400



For the person or couple that has devoted themselves to sexual purity before marriage, choose a ring inscribed with the perfect message: True Love Waits. A couple promising to save themselves for each other in marriage could have their names engraved on the ring as a public declaration of their vow. Similarly, a ring with a Christian cross demonstrates a devotion to God and a promise to remain devoted. 


PZALE1-4335758t400 Finally, a promise ring can be given as a token of everlasting friendship. Giving a friendship ring to a BFF can help express feelings of deep sentiment, companionship and loyalty. An Irish Claddagh ring features the symbol of love, friendship and loyalty.


A promise ring is a loving token of faithfulness and assurance, no matter if it’s to a future spouse, a best friend, a divine being, or to one’s self.

September 21, 2011

First Day of Fall

 A cool breeze has begun to blow, and although everyone longs for just a little more of the summer sun, we welcome autumn with open arms!  As the leaves begin to change, excitement stirs on the new palates of your fall wardrobe - accessory wardrobe that is!  What better way to show off the last of your sun-kissed skin than with the deep hues of fall-inspired gemstones?

Cushion cut Citrine Citrine

Surely one of the richest hues in the spectrum, the golden tones of citrine look radiant paired with all the colors the season has to bring.  When paired with yellow gold, smokey topaz and lustrous diamond accents you get the perfect autumn accoutrement.  For a more subdued look a simple pairing in white gold lets you enjoy the richness of citrine in even the most conservative atmospheres.


Large oval green quartz



Such a versatile stone could surely find a place in any wardrobe this season!  Whether smokey and brown in hue or bright with green tones, quartz pieces give a range of tones to accentuate any look.




Rose Gold and Chocolate Pearls Chocolate cultured pearl swirl pendant

Just the words 'rose gold' and 'chocolate pearls' lend enough warmth and decadence to warm up even the bleakest day - perfect for when fall air turns crisp!  Paired together, or allowed to shine on their own, rose gold and chocolate pearls both give a beautiful twist to year-round classics.  Of course these two wardrobe staples also appease the diamond lover in us all! Whether a simple statement or dainty delicacy, diamonds add depth and light to rose gold, chocolate pearls, and all of our favorite fall frills!


No matter what stones you choose to brighten cool fall days, remember to love these items with care and they will last for generations to come.  Check out our Education Center to learn more about the care required for these stones and all of your precious jewelry!


September 09, 2011

Surprise the New Mom with a gift from Zales Tiny Toes™ Collection

“Push present” is often used to describe a gift given to the new mother on the birth of her child.  Whether presented to her by the father of the child, family member or friend, the “push present” is a gift of fine jewelry she’ll treasure forever.

The new Tiny Toes™ Collection from Zales offers the perfect assortment of “push presents” for mom’s labor of love.  The assortment offers fun, meaningful  jewelry that is sure to win over the hearts of moms everywhere. 

  PZALE1-10683096t400 The Tiny Toes™ collection features pendants, bracelets and rings featuring the adorable the baby feet logo design.  The pendant collection features the tiny toes and hands in sterling silver or gold, with and without diamonds.   The charm collection also includes other baby-inspired designs such as baby carriage, teddy bear or onesie that can be worn on a necklace or added to a charm bracelet.






Each style can be worn separately or added to over time as with the traditional charm bracelet concept. Birthstone charms are also available to be added to either necklaces or bracelets to represent the birth month of the baby, mother,  father and siblings.  Additional charms or birthstone drops can be added year after year, to commemorate that special arrival.  There are also adorable Tiny Toes™ stackable rings that feature each month’s birthstone and the Tiny Toes logo on the inside.   The Tiny Toes collection is a celebration of life and love, the perfect gift for any mother in your life.



For other great gifts for mom,be sure to visit Zales.com for personalized mother’s rings and family jewelry.

September 01, 2011

"I'll Take Sapphires for $500, Alex."

You don't have to be born in the month of September to appreciate the brilliant sapphire! The birthstone for those lucky Virgos is one of the most ancient gems, coveted by many. It's been rumored that the Ten Commandments were inscribed on tablets of sapphire so that a hammer swung against them could not succeed. And in ancient Persia, it was believed that the earth rested atop a giant sapphire and its reflection colored the sky. (You may need to know these fun facts for your appearance on Jeopardy™ one day!) 

Oval Blue and White Sapphire Ring Though the gem has been around for centuries, it grew in popularity after people got a look at Princess Diana's engagement ring.  And after Prince William passed the ring on to his bride, Kate, the look has taken off again - in fact sapphire engagement rings (and similarly styled earrings and pendants) are spotted quite often on trendy fashionistas everywhere.  Zales, of course, follows the trends for you. While Diana/Kate's ring is a magnificent 18 cts., our smaller styles are easily affordable for all.

Speaking of wedding rings, sapphire is considered the gem of faithfulness and fidelity. It's being seen more and more in stylish wedding and engagement jewelry for the modern bride. Our Cherished Promise collection features a variety of rings and pendants each with a tiny blue sapphire hidden somewhere along the setting. And many of our exquisite diamond engagement rings boast a pink sapphire accent on the bezel, offering a bright pop of color and a charming twist on tradition.

Marriage isn't the only reason to purchase a sapphire! Birthstone jewelry is a gift any woman (or man!) would love. Our sapphire styles for him and her run the gamut from simple to extravagant, traditional to modern, with even a few whimsical style thrown in for good measure!Pear-Shaped Lab-Created Blue and White Sapphire Earrings

Another fun fact - sapphires come in a wide variety of colors! While blue is the most  popular color, pink sapphires are sneaking up on them! And white sapphires are always an elegant and affordable option to diamonds. Sapphires can be most any color of the rainbow! 

So whether you're celebrating a birthday in the lucky month of September, or the allure  of the sapphire simply pulls you in, you're certain to find an exceptional assortment of colorful sapphire rings, pendants, earrings and more at Zales!


Susan L. is a Scorpio who 'borrows' a LOT sapphire jewelry from her Virgo-centric sister, who is actually a Taurus.