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March 29, 2012

Metal for the New Millennium

Are you looking to purchase the latest trend in metal?  Then “hop” on board this Easter with an elegant piece from the new Platinaire® Collection.  Platinaire® is a patented blend of sterling silver and 5% platinum.   This “metal for the new millennium” is more durable than silver and is hypoallergenic, environmentally responsible and impervious to tarnish.

PZALE1-12644871t400 Is there an engagement in your future?  Join the trend of this sleek new metal and propose to her with a Platinaire® engagement ring.  This ring will display your abiding love and dedication.  Pair the engagement ring with a Platinaire® wedding band to symbolize your cherished vows of marriage.

Easter is right around the corner.  The Platinaire® diamond cross pendant  is a great gift for that special someone this Easter.  Platinaire® is a sleek and growing new trend in metal and any item from the Platinaire® Collection is sure to become a treasured piece for your loved one!


September 27, 2011

This I Promise You

Promise rings are used as a promise of a future marriage, a friendship, a devotion to God, or even a promise to remain abstinent from sex before marriage. Most couples that use promise rings have been together for a short time but are not quite ready to become engaged. Couples that are separated by distance or military deployment often use promise rings to uphold the bond they share. Promise rings are also commonly given to someone to show that they promise to be completely monogamous to their partner. Those who willfully choose sexual abstinence may wear a promise ring or a purPZALE1-6111283t400ity ring to symbolize their declaration. You may even find that friends will still give each other a promise or friendship ring as a promise of the friendship lasting forever.

Whatever reason there may be for giving a promise ring, there are countless choices available to symbolize such a sacred promise.  A simple, modest design with a heart can convey the giver’s promise to love the person to whom it is given. A double heart design symbolizes two hearts coming together as one.PZALE1-6929144t400



For the person or couple that has devoted themselves to sexual purity before marriage, choose a ring inscribed with the perfect message: True Love Waits. A couple promising to save themselves for each other in marriage could have their names engraved on the ring as a public declaration of their vow. Similarly, a ring with a Christian cross demonstrates a devotion to God and a promise to remain devoted. 


PZALE1-4335758t400 Finally, a promise ring can be given as a token of everlasting friendship. Giving a friendship ring to a BFF can help express feelings of deep sentiment, companionship and loyalty. An Irish Claddagh ring features the symbol of love, friendship and loyalty.


A promise ring is a loving token of faithfulness and assurance, no matter if it’s to a future spouse, a best friend, a divine being, or to one’s self.