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May 04, 2012

The Bold, The Beautiful, The Emerald

What's green and glam and a gorgeous look anytime? The traditional birthstone for those born in May is the emerald - a luxurious and elegant gemstone said to sharpen the wit, bring riches and even predict the future!

We can't attest to any of those things, but we can tell you that emeralds are an elegant look, perfect no matter what month you were born! And at Zales, you're certain to find unique and captivating emerald looks for any occasion.

Choose an emerald pendant to decorate her neckline. Available in modern, traditional or even whimsical designs, the glittering green emerald makes these pendants true statement pieces.


                   Traditional                                     Modern                                    Whimsical

Emerald earrings are always a thoughtful touch. Choose from hoops, studs or drops, depending on your mood!


                      Hoops                                       Studs                                         Drops

Nothing says "I adore you" quite like an emerald ring. Available in a myriad of styles, an emerald is a unique and personal touch.  Zales carries a large selection of emerald rings including three-stone, vintage-inspired and even bands!


               Three Stone                         Vintage-Inspired                              Band

Surprise your loved one born in May with an exquisite emerald. These inspired emerald creations - and many more - are available at your local Zales or Zales.com.