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May 18, 2012

Graduation Celebration!

 Graduation is a milestone that deserves major recognition. A class ring is the ideal way to showcase the years of dedication and commitment. What better way to express yourself than by designing your own? Zales not only has a multitude of styles to choose from; it really is your one stop shop for the most fashion-forward looks. Not sure where to start? First, determine your style. Zales offers looks that range from traditional to trendy, masculine to dainty.

Ring Collage

  1. Sterling Silver Pear-Cut Birthstone Class Ring
  2. Men's Siladium® Elite Class Ring by ArtCarved®
  3. 18K Gold Plate Birthstone Heart Class Ring

Next, figure out your stone. Traditionally, you can go with your birthstone (we’ve got them all!), or select a stone color that reflects your personality.

Class ringNow, let’s brag about your accomplishments. Many class rings give you the option to select an activity or organization that you identified with throughout your time at school. Artist? Musician? Athlete? Toot your horn by picking an interest that defines you.

The last part is just selecting your metal type and color. The type of metal you select will influence the price of your ring. 

Still at a loss? These stackable class rings are a trendy, yet modern twist to showcase your personal style and accomplishments.

Stackable Rings
Congratulations, Grad! Zales is here to help you celebrate your success!