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October 05, 2011

Opal, the Multi-Gemstone

For you October birthdays, consider yourself lucky because the opal is the ultimate gemstone. It has been said that there you can spy the wonders of the sky in the opal, and it’s true. Early civilizations believed that the opal was intentionally dropped from the heavens via lightning bolts. Hearing that, you will notice the sparkling rainbow bouncing from this gemstone. From any angle, you can see the lightening glimmer bouncing off the stone.

Oval Lab-Created Opal and Blue Topaz Framed Pendant Opal also plays well with others. Take a look at this opal and blue topaz framed pendant. The topaz enhances the blue hues from the opal.

The white topaz addition to this cushion-cut frame ring gives the opal a whole different look. The setting paired with the gem gives the ring a very romantic and vintage-inspired look, perfect for fall.

For those that want all the attention focused on the opal, Cushion-Cut Lab-Created Opal Three Stone Ring

this three-stone ring with diamond accents is the answer. The iridescent look surrounded by the twinkling diamonds makes this piece an instant showstopper.

Opal’s whimsical nature comes out in this dragonfly pendant. Like the beauty of a magnificent rainbow, the wings glow from the colorful hues of four baroque iridescent lab-created opals. Flying in the warmth of 14K gold, this pendant is brightened by the sparkling beauty of the diamond accents.

Lab-Created Opal Dragonfly Pendant This butterfly pendant also showcases the fanciful personality of the opal. Symbolizing new life and transformation, this sweet butterfly with lustrous lab-created opals and dotted with dazzling diamonds, this pendant shimmers with style.

The opal symbolizes hope and happiness. - What better way to spread these feelings by gifting your October loved ones with this semi-precious gemstone from Zales?



Hi April,

Thanks for the comments.

If you click the link in the article, they take you right to the online item you can purchase right away! Good luck.

I Really Love Love this necklace N My Daughters Birthday is in October!!!!! But I think I would love it more I want it!!!!! How do I go about getting it N how much does It cost????/ Lost my glasses n cant really read good!!!! LOL LOL

I wish someone would give me an opal for my birthday!

To Mary's thought. It is said by many that you should not by your own opal as it is considered bad luck. Have a great day.

I love opal..stone special because is my birth stone..I been very lucky,the having a very nice gifs like,opal whit diamons brasalet,ore a ring..and Zales for be a number #1..thank you..

I heard that it's bad luck for someone else to buy you an opal....just a thought...

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