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September 21, 2011

First Day of Fall

 A cool breeze has begun to blow, and although everyone longs for just a little more of the summer sun, we welcome autumn with open arms!  As the leaves begin to change, excitement stirs on the new palates of your fall wardrobe - accessory wardrobe that is!  What better way to show off the last of your sun-kissed skin than with the deep hues of fall-inspired gemstones?

Cushion cut Citrine Citrine

Surely one of the richest hues in the spectrum, the golden tones of citrine look radiant paired with all the colors the season has to bring.  When paired with yellow gold, smokey topaz and lustrous diamond accents you get the perfect autumn accoutrement.  For a more subdued look a simple pairing in white gold lets you enjoy the richness of citrine in even the most conservative atmospheres.


Large oval green quartz



Such a versatile stone could surely find a place in any wardrobe this season!  Whether smokey and brown in hue or bright with green tones, quartz pieces give a range of tones to accentuate any look.




Rose Gold and Chocolate Pearls Chocolate cultured pearl swirl pendant

Just the words 'rose gold' and 'chocolate pearls' lend enough warmth and decadence to warm up even the bleakest day - perfect for when fall air turns crisp!  Paired together, or allowed to shine on their own, rose gold and chocolate pearls both give a beautiful twist to year-round classics.  Of course these two wardrobe staples also appease the diamond lover in us all! Whether a simple statement or dainty delicacy, diamonds add depth and light to rose gold, chocolate pearls, and all of our favorite fall frills!


No matter what stones you choose to brighten cool fall days, remember to love these items with care and they will last for generations to come.  Check out our Education Center to learn more about the care required for these stones and all of your precious jewelry!



love every thing i see at Zales.....

Just love the citrine, my birthstone, and the smokey stones!! Beautiful. I am a big fan of Zales.

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